Australian Chilled Foods Producer order third Ready-2-Cook Kettle - DC Norris

Australian Chilled Foods Producer order third Ready-2-Cook Kettle

August 20, 2021

Author: Emma Hodgson, Marketing Executive

We continue our overseas shipments this week, with a Capkold Cook Chill system on its way to Australia.  Our customer is a privately-owned, family business who supply ready-to-eat chilled meals and snacks to the domestic and export markets.

They have constructed a new kitchen facility around DCN Ready-2-Cook Kettles and they are about to receive their third Kettle System for the state-of-the-art facility.

Working together with our agents FPE, we have supplied our customer with their first Capkold Cook Chill system which comprises of a 500 Litre bespoke Ready-2-Cook style kettle, which they have now expanded with an order for a Pump Fill Station and TC100 Tumble Chiller.

The new Kettle is fitted with DCN’s Jet Cook Technology, In-vessel Homogeniser and Braising Bar and will be linked to full Recipe Manager.

We are working closely with FPE and the customer to ensure a smooth installation and commissioning process which is scheduled in the coming months.

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