Boost in Global Sales of Food Process Solutions for DCN - DC Norris

Boost in Global Sales of Food Process Solutions for DCN

September 13, 2021

Author: Emma Hodgson, Marketing Executive

This summer has seen unprecedented success for DC Norris, the hard work over the pandemic with many long and detailed Video Conference calls has resulted in an order book that will keep us busy right through to Q2 2022 and beyond.

These projects are spread globally from the US to Australia and the Middle East with some substantial ones in the UK as well.

The global rise of Sous Vide as an established cooking process for high quality cooked meats has seen a surge in orders for Cook Tanks, whilst the industry standard DCN Cook Chill system is now being installed in new production locations in the UK and around the world.

Our new CQC Adapt has revolutionised the ability to cook and chill pasta, rice, pulses and vegetables using less energy and less water whilst maintaining a high throughput.  This has led to 2 sales and many more enquiries for this versatile machine.

We have also developed some new products on the patented DCN Jet Cook system and our Recipe Management software as an overall control system has been very popular.

We are proud of our reputation for product and process knowledge and the high quality of our workmanship, which has been key to the success in working together with our customers on these new projects.

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