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Cook Chill equipment for the large-scale production of convenience meals

March 21, 2023

Author: Annabel Norris, Marketing Manager

Soups, sauces and ready meals are popular convenience foods that require specialist food processing equipment if they are to be produced safely in large volumes by food manufacturers.

DCN’s customers may be supplying major retailers, airlines, schools, wholesalers and restaurant groups, and they need top-quality reliable food processing solutions which deliver safe and tasty restaurant-quality meals.

Foods which are cooked in advance and stored before being distributed to outlets such as a supermarket or multiple restaurants, need to retain a safe extended shelf-life whilst also being of the highest quality, which is why it is essential to choose the right food processing equipment for manufacturing.

Our customers may be producing from 50,000 up to 500,000 meals per day, and they need to improve productivity and efficiency, and invest in reliable top quality food processing equipment to meet this demand.

DCN Cook Chill System

DCN offer a range of food processing equipment that is specifically designed for bulk/high volume cooking.   Our Cook-Chill System was developed as an economical alternative to traditional cook-and-serve methods.   The cooking, packaging and cooling equipment is capable of processing both small and large volumes with the minimum number of operators.

With the Cook Chill system, products are safely pasteurised as heating to a high temperature then rapidly cooking slows spoilage caused by microbial growth.  DCN equipment can help manufacturers to produce large volumes with a safe extended shelf-life, whilst also retaining quality, taste, texture and aroma.

The Cook Chill process follows a logical fully documented production cycle, which is controlled using our Recipe Manager Software which creates ingredient listings, step–by–step procedural recipes and user access security with all recipes stored to a relational database. The system maintains full records of kettle yields, cooking times and temperatures allowing bar code identification from preparation through to packaging, and ensures all HACCP controls are met.


DCN’s Steam Jacketed Kettle – different models and sizes available depending on the customers required throughput – from 300-3000 litres. Bespoke multiple kettle systems can be designed to expand productivity.

2. Packaging

DCN Pump Fill Station transfers food at 85-95◦C from low to high-risk areas. Bags are filled with different volumes subject to requirements and are sealed.


Bags are conveyed into a DCN Tumble Chiller where they are gently circulated in chilled water to rapidly drop the temperature from 95◦ to below 5◦C.

4. Refrigerated Storage

Sealed bags placed in chilled storage at 2-4◦C where it can be stored safely for up to 45 days.

5. Heating and Serving

The bags can be transported to various locations such as multiple restaurant/hotel sites.  They can then be reheated and served.

They may be destined for a supermarket shelf, so bags can be emptied into a depositor and portioned on a filling line into packaging before being delivered to the outlet.


DCN’s food processing equipment can be customised to meet the specific needs of manufacturers. This allows the equipment to be tailored to the unique characteristics of your products, shift patterns and production schedules.








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