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DC Norris North America Achieves Prestigious NSF Certification for Select Tumble Chillers and Skeleton Conveyor

May 28, 2024

Author: Annabel Norris, Marketing Manager

Traverse City, MI – DC Norris North America proudly announces that its range of tumble chillers (Models TC-30 US, TC-50 US, TC-75 US, and TC-100 US) designed for the U.S. market has achieved NSF certification. The company’s skeleton conveyor (which feeds filled bags into the tumble chillers) has also been awarded NSF certification.

NSF certification assures that products meet rigorous standards for public health protection and makes the equipment available for use in federal and institutional facilities. This achievement underscores DC Norris North America’s commitment to providing equipment that ensures safety, quality, and efficiency in industrial and commercial food processing settings.

Matt Klein, Vice President of DC Norris North America, commented, “Earning NSF certification for our TC 30 – 100 tumble chillers and skeleton conveyor highlights our dedication to exceeding industry standards and delivering the best to our clients. This certification validates the quality and safety of these pieces of equipment and reinforces our role as a reliable leader in the food processing solutions industry.”

The NSF-certified tumble chillers offer reliable cooling technology, ensuring rapid and even cooling of food products, which is critical for maintaining food safety and quality.

DC Norris North America continues to set benchmarks in the industry by combining innovative food processing equipment and solutions with an unwavering commitment to connecting its clients to the most experienced problem solvers in the industry.

For more information on DC Norris North America’s NSF-certified tumble chillers and skeleton conveyor, visit www.dcnorrisna.com.


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DC Norris North America combines food industry expertise, top-tier processing equipment, and dedicated service to help North America’s favourite food brands meet evolving consumer demands. From equipment design to installation and maintenance, their services are backed by the world’s safest and most efficient food manufacturing equipment. Embracing the mantra “Bring In The Best,” they leverage over fifty years of global expertise to enhance clients’ operations, ensuring smooth, safe, and efficient food processing. Discover more at www.dcnorrisna.com.

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