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DCN Adapt Trials for Leading Israeli Food Company

October 12, 2021

Author: Emma Hodgson, Marketing Executive

Last week we were visited by a leading chilled food manufacturer from Israel to assess the benefits of our New CQC Adapt system.

Two product were demonstrated, linguine pasta and basmati rice, both of which have very specific cooking and processing  parameters.

The dried linguine can start to clump instantly once dropped into boiling water, thus giving an un-even cook with large pieces of raw pasta.  If it is then cooled these pieces will be inedible.

Unlike other CQC on the market, the Adapt heats water initially to only 80°C prior to dropping the linguine into the cook tank, then our patented Jet Cook Units rapidly heat and agitate the water to 98°C in single figure minutes. This along with our controllable weir system, ensure zero clumping and an even cook of the product. The Jet Cook also uses less than 50% of the energy used in traditional CQC systems to heat the water to temperature, and also 70% quicker.

The quenching and cooling of the linguine following our cook and drain stage is also individually controlled using our Processing software. The product is dropped into 4°C water and quenched with a gentle controllable wave to ensure even and rapid cooling and no clumping.  Finally, the product is dropped into the chill tank and the temperature is taken down below 3° C.

The process for cooking the rice is very similar to the linguine process but with significant less agitation to ensure the rice is not damaged.  The starch weir system skims excess starch from the water thus reducing the amount of times the water has to be replaced.

The heat exchangers we use are the best on the market and are typically 40% more efficient than the shell and tube ones traditionally used.  Our pumps are also food grade and AAA approved.

Benefits of the system are:

1.Controllable water levels for different size batches

2.Up to 50% less water required than other CQC to produce the same volume of finished product

3. Auto CIP of the systems pipework so no need to remove and clean separately

4. Water jets ensure all product is removed from the baskets at each stage

5.Additional section of the Adapt systyem can be added to in the future if an increased thoughput is required

6.Each product can have up to 80 different processing parameter, including multiingredient batches, to ensure a bespoke cooking and cooling process for every product


If you would like to hear more about CQC Adapt, please contact us on [email protected] / +44 (0) 1767 677515