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New 5 Axis Machining Centre

January 12, 2022

Author: Emma Hodgson, Marketing Executive

At the end of last year we received delivery of DC Norris’s first 5 axis machining centre. The cutting-edge Doosan VC 630/AX has been installed in our machine shop and will be used to machine precision components .

Adding the Doosan to our range of CNC machines will increase productivity and streamline our manufacturing process by cutting down set-up times and multiple operations.  We will also be able to machine more complex components such as Homogeniser outer and inner cutters, and Tumble Chiller bearing housings, as well as machining components for our sister company BCH Ltd.

Director Ian Jones comments, “We have invested heavily in machinery over the years to keep DC Norris at the forefront of food processing equipment. We like to keep all of our machining in-house so that we have overall control, and this was a natural progression for our machine shop.”

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