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Boost in Global Sales of Food Process Solutions for DCN

Date Added: 13.09.2021

This summer has seen unprecedented success for DC Norris, the hard work over the pandemic with many long and detailed Video Conference calls has resulted in an... > More

Reduce your carbon footprint with Cook Quench Chill Adapt

Date Added: 02.09.2021

Great to see DCN's newest innovation the Cook Quench Chill 'Adapt' feature in Food Manufacturing Africa's latest edition - The article... > More

Australian Chilled Foods Producer order third Ready-2-Cook Kettle

Date Added: 20.08.2021

We continue our overseas shipments this week, with a Capkold Cook Chill system on its way to Australia.  Our customer is a privately-owned, family... > More

More DCN equipment making its way to the US!

Date Added: 18.08.2021

Working together with our US Office in Michigan, two more 2500ltr DCN Kettle Cooking Systems are leaving today to join the existing eight systems already in... > More

A Bumper Month of Trials and Orders at DCN

Date Added: 23.07.2021

Here at DC Norris, we have experienced an unprecedented period during the months of June and July with a record number of product trials being held, as well as... > More

Why DCN is the number one choice for food manufacturers

Date Added: 15.06.2021

D C Norris has been at the forefront of the Food Processing industry for much of its 50 year history, and there are a number of good reasons why. ... > More

Freshcut Foods Ltd Adopt Cook Quench Chill Adapt

Date Added: 03.06.2021

We are delighted today to announce the first UK sale of our newly developed CQC Adapt system. The COVID-19 pandemic gave our R&D team some valuable time... > More

Meet The Team - Russell Miller

Date Added: 26.05.2021

Russell Miller joined DCN over 20 years ago, and today still displays the same cheery attitude and positive outlook as he did then. Russell’s role has... > More

DCN a key player in Commercial Can-Openers

Date Added: 18.05.2021

Spotted this week, DC Norris listed as a key player in a new market analysis report written by QY Research titled ‘The Can Opener for Commercial... > More

Food Allergy Awareness Week - Interview with Kirsty Henshaw

Date Added: 14.05.2021

During another busy week of trials here at DC Norris, we had a quick interview (social distanced of course) with Kirsty Henshaw, founder of Kirsty’s to... > More

Food Allergen Week - Desserts

Date Added: 12.05.2021

It's Food Allergen Week, and today we are focusing on free-from and vegan dessert products. We offer some of our top tips for producing great... > More

More Adapt CQC Customer Trials

Date Added: 11.05.2021

To push our new Cook Quench Chill 'Adapt' to its limits this week, we agreed to run customers trials using IQF vegetable at temperatures between... > More