Cook Chill Systems

DCN Cook-Chill System has become an industry benchmark, with food companies around the world using our ground-breaking technology to create meals of the highest quality, with a safe extended shelf life.

The Cook-Chill System was developed as an economical alternative to traditional cook-and-serve methods. Food produced using the system retains the taste, texture and aroma of freshly prepared ingredients, yet may have been produced in large volumes up to 45 days in advance.

The key to safe extended storage of foods is to rapidly chill cooked product through the ‘danger zone’ of 5 – 63°C, to retard bacterial growth. Products are safely pasteurised when heated to a high temperature, then rapidly cooled to slow spoilage caused by microbial growth. The key to retaining food quality, taste, texture and aroma is controlled refrigerated storage.

Today, we manufacture Cook-Chill Systems for both small and large producers from foodservice (café’s, restaurants) through to those producers supplying supermarkets.


• Savings of 5-10% possible from increased meat yields, control of ingredient inventory and use of standard recipes reducing food waste.

• Build up a stock of quality food for future use

• Consistent quality of finished product

• Large and small particulates can be processed without damage

• Products are packaged at pasteurisation temperatures

• No direct human or utensil contact during the cooking or the packaging process

• Production can be centralised for operations where food is distributed to off-site locations