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Innovative solutions for food preservation

Cook Chill Systems are an economical method for large volume food production, allowing food manufacturers to prepare substantial quantities of food in advance at a Centralised Production Facility. This prepared food can then be transported to various outlets, such as restaurants and supermarkets, to be sold or served. With the ability to extend the shelf life of products up to 45 days, Cook Chill Systems ensure food safety and quality, making them an efficient and cost-effective solution for the food industry.

what is cook chill?

The key to safely extending the storage of foods lies in rapidly chilling the cooked product through the critical ‘danger zone’ of 5°C to 63°C, effectively slowing bacterial growth. By heating products to a high temperature for pasteurization and then quickly cooling them, spoilage from microbial growth is significantly reduced. Controlled refrigerated storage is essential for maintaining food quality, ensuring that taste, texture, and aroma are preserved. Foods produced using this system retain the freshness and flavour of newly prepared meals and sauces.

The technology behind cook chill

Cook Chill follows a logical fully documented production cycle:

Cooking: Using one of our Steam Jacketed Kettles.

Packaging: DCN Pump Fill Station transfers food from the Kettle.

Chill: Bags are conveyed into a DCN Tumble Chiller and rapidly chilled.

Refrigerated Storage: Sealed bags can be stored for up to 45 days.

Heating & Serving: Bags can be transported to outlets such as restaurants ready to be re-heated and served.  Alternatively, bags can be emptied into a depositor and portioned into packaging such as ready meal trays.

benefits of using cook chill systems
  • Savings of 5-10% possible from increased meat yields, control of ingredient inventory and use of standard recipes reducing food waste.
  • Build up a stock of quality food for future use
  • Consistent quality of finished product
  • Large and small particulates can be processed without damage
  • Products are packaged at pasteurisation temperatures
  • No direct human or utensil contact during the cooking or the packaging process
  • Production can be centralised for operations where food is distributed to off-site locations

Cook Chill Systems

CAPKOLD Bag Emptier / Scraper

Manual Bag Emptier / Scraper

Tumble Chiller

DCNs Pump Fill Station

Pump Fill Station

Static Ready-2-Cook Kettle

Steam Jacketed Kettles

Model 400 Heat Seal Pump Fill Station

DCNs Belt tumble chiller

Belt Tumble Chiller

Ready-2-Cook Kettle

Cook Chill Systems



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