Root Vegetable Cooker

DC Norris have developed a continuous root vegetable cooker that delivers high quality evenly cooked food mainly for the production of Mashed Potatoes however various other vegetables like Carrots Turnips Swede and Beetroot etc  have all been cooked with outstanding results in retaining natural colour flavour and texture.

The unique process utilises an auger steam chamber with a patented condensate drain system which removes the possibility of bleaching the colours that normally happens in water cooking. Special features on the auger screw gently tumble the vegetables as they pass through the heat zones.


Vegetables such as potato, carrots and beetroots are tipped into our continuous cooker and are moved through a chamber containing filtered dry steam delivered by multiple steam injection nozzles. Temperature probes situated in the chamber ensure an even temperature is maintained throughout the chamber.

Our specially designed perforated Auger ensures the steam is kept in contact with the vegetables at all times, and gently transfers them through the chamber.

The system also has individually controlled temperature zones for more sensitive products such as potatoes that need a gentler heating dependant on the variety.

The system can be easily programmed via our HMI to cater for a variety of sized products and recipes can be stored.  Virtual Chart Recorder is available for batch traceability.

Beetroot Example

The system is capable of producing consistently evenly cooked beets at a flow rate of 6,000kgs p/h. The issues associated with more traditional methods of cooking, such as uneven cooking, poor batch control and damaged beets are removed.  There is also the added benefit of not having to maintain a pressure cooker or a steam-jacketed vessel.

The finished product quality is excellent with no damage occurred to vegetables during processing.