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Multiple Aperture Discharge System (MADS)

DCN developed the Multiple Aperture Discharge System (MADS) as a solution for removing liquids / fats from products during the initial cooking process, to improve particulate integrity, flavour and texture.

The system consists of a valve and sieve in the base of the vessel, which is used in conjunction with the Braising Bar and Recipe Manager* to remove liquids and fats from meats and vegetables during braising to keep them dry.

During the processing of caramelising onions, a large amount of water is given up by the onions, which traditionally sits on the bottom of the vessel and causes the onions to boil rather than braise. This is also undesirable with meats when the customer is looking for a seared look and texture.
The liquid is drained through the base of the vessel and can be collected and added back to the product with starch, if a sauce-style product is required.

Typical usage:

Remove excess fat from meat such as lamb, to give a better final back of pack declaration

Superior texture, flavour and integrity to meat

Sweeter fresher flavour of vegetables

*Recipe Manager Software is an optional extra, however braising bar is essential for this process to work.

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