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Single Pass Heating & Mixing

This award-winning system can be used to replace traditional heat exchangers and combines as many as 4 of our JET COOK™ Units in sequence.  Each unit is individually controlled to add the required amount of heat and shear to give the desired finished product.

Our Multi-In-line single pass system benefits from no burn-on so unlike the traditional heat exchanger, it can be operated for many hours without cleaning.

There is also a dramatic reduction in pipework length, as we can achieve a delta T of 100°C in less than 2 metres with flow rates in excess of 20,000ltrs p/h.  Therefore, food producers will benefit from both reduced product waste and a smaller footprint.

In a recent installation we replaced 10 metres of heat exchangers with a single system, the benefits included dramatically reduced waste as the total weight of residual product in the pipe work after processing was less that 5kgs compared to 150kgs in the traditional heat exchanger.

This type of system is presently being used for the production of liquid food & beverage products such as condensed milk, sauces and maheu in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.  We have also recently installed a large wet pet food system in the UK.

Winner of Top Futuristic Technology 2018 at the Manufacturing Excellence Awards in Dubai


Jet Cook


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