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Ribbon Blenders

2 x 1000kg Ribbon Blenders Available

Part built.

The ribbon blender is designed for the gentle mixing and blending of products such as mash potato, coleslaw and dry ingredients. The blender is noninsulated and contains the following features:

  • Blender interior constructed of type 316 stainless steel with a machine
    polished 180 grit sanitary finish. Blender exterior constructed of type
    304 stainless steel with a semi-deluxe buff finish.
  • Infeed hopper with grill and lid.
  • Lid with safety inter-locks to stop ribbon rotation if lid is opened during
  • Horizontally oppose ribbons to give a full mix and guide the product to
    the central discharge outlet.
  • Choice of outlet sizes and designs.
  • Soft-start variable speed motor.
  • Basic push button control panel including:
    – System on/off control
    – Blender start/stop control
    – Emergency/stop relay and safety relay to category 4 PLE (13849-1)
    – Power on indicator



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