Stock System

1 x Stock System

Date Added: 12.09.2019

1 x 1000 Litre Stock Cooking / Vegetable blanching system with Hoist

Used Kettle & Hoist System – incorporating a 1500 litre vessel with product basket together with an overhead hoist for your chickpea production.

  • 1500 litre steam jacketed vessel
  • 316 stainless steel contact parts and 304 stainless steel non-contact parts
  • Jacket designed and stamped for 7 Bar.
  • Exterior insulated with straight cylindrical cladding and closed in base filled with insulation material
  • Rim reinforced with stainless steel bar ring
  • 3” air operated drop down valve
  • Mounted on three legs with adjustable floor flanges
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Stainless steel bones basket
  • 500kg SWL
  • Basic steam regulating control and indication
  • Stainless steel access platform
  • Stainless steel column pivot hoist


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