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Steam Jacketed Kettles

DCN have an extensive range of steam jacketed cooking kettles built with a traditional high polished stainless steel finish.  They are available in various jacket styles, sizes and pressure ranges.

Whether it is soups, stews, sauces, ready meals, dips, ethnic foods or desserts that you are preparing we can supply the right steam jacketed kettle for you.

Our kettles are easy to use and recipes simple to produce using our Recipe Manager System software which provides a straightforward and flexible method of controlling a recipe driven production process.

DCN DataStream allows customers to log information relating to temperature changes in any cooking/cooling process, thus enabling them to keep a record of their quality assurance requirements, which can be stored indefinitely.

Range Includes:

    *     NEW − Jet Cook System                           
    *     Steam Jacketed Kettle − Non Agitated    
    *     Steam Jacketed Kettle − Inclined Agitator
    *     Steam Jacketed Kettle − Inclined, Tilt-out Agitator     

Kettles can be integrated into existing processes by utilising the range of outlet options that can be fitted to the standard outlet in the base of the kettle.

These include manual or automatic ball valves and EHEDG certified, air operated drop down valves.  
All of our kettles can be modified or specially built to customer specifications. The kettle and all components are manufactured in the UK.


   *     NEW − Tornado Air Agitation System
    *     NEW − Globe Head Agitation System
    *     Patented scoop type scraper shovels with replaceable, heat resistant, food approved plastic blades
    *     In-line Homogeniser
    *     Gantries
    *     Tagging System
    *     Odour Extraction
    *     Caramelisation

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