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Rice, Pasta & Vegetables

DCN provides a range of solutions for cooking rice, pasta, vegetables, and pulses. Whether you prefer a wok-style cooking approach or are interested in our innovative Cook Quench Chill 'Adapt' system, we have the expertise to meet your processing needs.

Cook Quench Chill

From a simple kettle-based system with overhead hoist to our latest CQC ‘Adapt’ – fully automated system with wave agitation, we offer the ideal solution for your product.

Our Cook Quench Chill equipment cooks starches like rice, pasta and vegetables and then chills them to 4°C whilst retaining product definition on susceptible products such as long pasta or noodles.  Our industry leading Cook Quench Chill systems prepare delicate foods without sticking, which makes de-nesting of products like noodles easy to achieve without damage.

Steam-Jacketed Kettles & Vacuum Cooling System

Rice such as steamed, egg fried and pilau are cooked to an extremely high quality using the absorption method with our Steam-Jacketed Kettles and Vacuum Cooling System.

Wok-Style Braising Pan

Model 2700 Wok is a versatile high performance steam jacketed braising pan, ideal for small batch ethnic and ready meals products.  This agitated Braising Pan can fry, cook and simmer and is capable of reaching high temperatures in half the time of conventional kettles.

Root Vegetable Cooker

Potatoes, beetroot and carrots and other root vegetables can be cooked using our Root Vegetable Cooker which produces up to 2 tons per hour continuously.


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