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We are producing chilled and ambient sauces and soups for some of the largest food manufacturers in the world, using our ground-breaking technologies. Smooth and large particulate soups and sauces, such as minestrone, béchamel, bolognese and curries are created using a combination of our Jet Cook, Braising Bar, Steam Jacket and Recipe Management System.

Traditional cooking methods meet modern new generation technology at DCN by using a combination of DCN Jet CookBraising BarSteam Jacket and Recipe Management System.   

It is possible to create a large variety of soups and sauces including those with thin viscosity such as tomato or large particulates such as grains, meat and vegetables.  Due to the versatility of the Jet Cook, products such as minestrone, bechamel, curries and bbq sauce can all be produced on the same system.

The design of the unit with a 50mm diameter orifice and no moving parts allows for very large pieces of meat and vegetables to freely pass through whilst being rapidly heated.  Jet Cook reduces excessive cooking time and the thermal impact on vegetables and fruits, therefore reducing the vitamins, minerals and fibres lost or diluted during traditional cooking.

The unit and conditioning chambers, which are the heart of the Jet Cook, have been remodelled to accelerate the liquids even faster and give more flexibility when producing emulsions.

The Braising Bar and Steam Jacket can be used at the start of the cooking process to create a roux or sear meat and vegetables.  You can achieve colour and flavour using this method and it is particularly useful for the caramelisation of onions.

The Jet Cook™ is then used to rapidly and evenly heat the soup to its required temperature, it can then be homogenized if required to create a smooth base for the soup.  Our equipment has been designed to reduce carbon footprint with energy savings which can be 50% less than conventional cooking systems.