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Jet Process

The new high speed, ultra-efficient manufacturing technology for food, beverages and wet pet food.


*Entrain     *   Mix      *Cook    * Sterilise   *Cool   

DC Norris has recently launched the Jet Process System; a combination of technologies developed in their new Research and Development Centre, with the aim of streamlining each individual step of the production process of extended shelf life food, beverages and pet food.

Customers can now not only cook at high speed with DCN’s award-winning Jet Cook, but they can also utilise features including Entrain, Mix, Sterilise and Cool in an efficient all-in-one system.

The unique in-line continuous sterilisation system enables industrial manufacturers to reduce the number of processing vessels used, saving time and dramatically reducing energy, whilst improving product quality and profitability.


“Seeing a product heated and mixed from 45°C to 148°C in less than two metres was very impressive!”
Peter Birch, Head of Operations – Pets Choice

Jet Process has been designed to remove multiple processing stages, minimise square footage required for equipment and reduce energy use during production.   It also eliminates the dangers of a caustic clean-up process for burn on contamination.

The system can produce 18,000kg p/h and is operated by a single person, dramatically reducing manufacturer’s labour costs.

These new innovations are saving our customers energy and reducing costs by minimising the overall processing times.  For example, the high speed Jet Entrain system can entrain 600kgs of powders in less than 3 minutes.

Jet Cook


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