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Jet Cook™ Product & Process Training reduces customers processing time

March 24, 2023

Author: Emma Hodgson, Marketing Executive

Product and Process Training is taking place in Canada this week with a customer who three years ago invested in a DCN Jet Cook system with 2 x 1000ltr Kettles, Braising Bar, In-Vessel Homogeniser and Recipe Manager Software Systems.

Our customer has multiple operations in Canada and Europe covering chilled and frozen foods in the foodservice, hospitality, hospital, and community services sectors.  With a turn-over in excess of £150m, they are a forward thinking and innovative company who are constantly redeveloping and improving their product portfolio and quality.

Recognising the need to be get the most of their equipment, they commissioned us to a week of advanced product and process training.  Their aim is to reduce their processing times and stages, whilst also improving the finished product with reduced starch and no burn-on.

Sweet & Sour Sauce

 The first product we made was a Sweet & Sour Sauce, complete with onions, peppers and pineapple.

  1. Braising Bar used to heat up the oil, followed by the onions and garlic.
  2. Water was added along with a percentage of the IQF vegetables.
  3. Jet Cook was used to heat the mix from 15-80◦C in single figure minutes.
  4. Remaining vegetables and ingredients added.


The finished product had a smooth high gloss sauce base with large vegetable particulate which still had a crunch and very good colour.

The Jet Cook method reduced the processing time and the amount of time the vegetables had to be agitated and heated.

Using a traditional Steam Jacketed Kettle, the heating process from 15-80◦C would have much longer at 15 minutes.

Starch was added at 75◦C with the Jet Cook on low shear, followed shortly after by the sugar.  This process change from the original allows the starch to maximise its hydration before the sugar takes up the excess liquid.

Beef & Barley Concentrated Soup


Using the same food processing equipment, we reduced the processing time by 30 minutes.  The final product had good viscosity, particulate integrity and colour due to the improved starch hydration.

Product & Process TrainingProduct & Process Training

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