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Braising Bar

The Braising Bar is ideal for those recipes which require a preliminary step such as caramelising of onions, searing of meat, crackling spices or creating a roux for sauces.

The bar coats a thin layer of the product onto the hot kettle surface to aid braising / caramelising before the addition of the other ingredients. In the case of a roux, the flour and fat mixture can be cooked out to the desired texture.

By searing / braising the meat at high temperature you can create a superior flavour and texture as well as making the meat more visually appealing. Onions and vegetables can also be caramelised / sweated to give a sweeter taste to the finished product and overall enhanced colour.

Braising is particularly useful for the production of curry dishes and DCN are experts in both the European and traditional Pakistani/Indian styles of cooking using a combination of Jet Cook and Braising Bar Technology.  We can crackle the base spices/seeds/masala to give the curry/gravy a traditional flavour, replicating the more traditional cracking of the spices in a wok, karahi or bratt pan (by a chef).  This process is crucial, as the base is fundamental to all curry recipes in both European and Asian methods.  The cracking of Cumin, Coriander and other powders/seeds is the only way to ensure the very freshest and most aromatic flavours and aromas imaginable, leading to great results.

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