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National Curry Week!

October 7, 2022

Author: Emma Hodgson, Marketing Executive

This week we celebrate the 24th Annual Curry Week which takes place from the 3rd – 9th October 2022. It has been a difficult year but for one week only, lets talk about curry instead of Coronavirus!

Since the 1970’s curry has become a staple in ready meal consumption, with millions consumed every single week!

Butter Chicken Curry or Murgh Makhani as its also known is one of the most widely produced Punjabi curries in the world. It is a thick, rich and mildly spiced product which comes with similar production challenges wherever it is produced. These being burn-on contamination, separation of dairy fats, long production times and the presence of coloured fat spots upon cooling.

Food producers use our DCN Jet Cook unit, Braising Bar technology and Recipe Manager to ensure all the spices are crackled properly. Fats/dairy products are adequately emulsified to form a stable emulsion and the spices are distributed evenly throughout the product.

The Braising Bar is used to give an even cook-out of all the spices, the motion/movement of the bar replicates that of a chef, but is controlled with DCN Recipe Manager which also controls the heat, agitation, mixing and cooking time of the spices.

Liquids such as yoghurt cream, and water are added, the Jet Cook unit is used to simultaneously heat and mix.

This process evenly distributes the dairy fats and forms much smaller droplet sizes than traditional methods, thus ensuring the fats and spices do not separate during cooking and after cooling. As the Steam Jacket is not used in this stage of production there is zero burn-on contamination .

The rapid heating with no moving parts also ensures that particulates such as onion, tomatoes, peppers, and coriander remain both intact and maintain their colour and nutritional values.

“The finished curry was restaurant quality, but cooked at incredible speed.”
Mr Sankarnathan
CEO Leading Restaurant Group – Singapore

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