DC Norris commemorate 50 years of achievement


January 4, 2021

Author: Emma Hodgson, Marketing Executive

The DCN team wishes you a very Happy New Year and all the best for 2021! The past year has been challenging for many of us but we look forward to 2021 and celebrating our 50th Anniversary year!

As part of this event we have 6 new exciting equipment launches we want to tell you about:

Then & Now

During the 1980’s David Norris was instrumental in introducing the Capkold Cook Chill Concept to the fast growing market for Ready Meals in the UK and Europe. Since then, we have developed a large and ground-breaking range of systems and technologies.  Now, we have the launch of 5 brand new Cook Chill Innovations – one to mark each decade of the business! As an added bonus we are also re-designing our Automatic Can-openers, it being the first product we introduced to the industry, and to this day they remain one of our best-sellers. We thought it only right that we launch a Fully Automatic 50th Anniversary Model next year.

  1. Tumble Belt Chiller – Cools Capkold Cook Chill bags from 85°C to below 4°C in 35-45 minutes and automatically un-loads bags.
  2. Cook Chill Bag Emptier – Removes 99% of product from bags.
  3. CT-1 Sous Vide   – Compact design developed with the small-scale food manufacturers, food service or restaurant in mind.
  4. Model 400 Heat Seal Pump Fill Station –  Automatic bag handling and loading into chiller.
  5. Cook Quench Chill – Brand new concept with a modular construction and starch removal system – Fast, energy efficient, water-saving and smaller footprint.
  6. Model 176 Can-Opener – Fully automatic, laser engineered, hygienic and fast design.

Please contact us for more information on these 50th anniversary special edition models –  You can also see preview videos of the Belt Chill / Bag Emptier and CT-1 on our website and youtube channel.

The Research and Development team are working hard on the new Can-Opener and Cook Quench Chill and more details will be available soon.

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