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Advanced Cooking Technology for Sustainable Food Production

The patented DCN Jet Cook employs high-performance steam technology to provide rapid, versatile, and efficient solutions for processing liquid food, beverages, and wet pet food, enhancing your manufacturing operations.

The system delivers remarkable reductions in processing times and substantially reduces clean-in-place demands, all while maintaining uncompromised quality and flavour. Jet Cook represents a groundbreaking fluid processing solution capable of homogenising, emulsifying, entraining, pumping, and heating with exceptional performance.

DCN Jet Cook can be utilised either In-Tank as part of a DCN Kettle System or In-Line for continuous single pass or re-circulation heating.  There are a wide range of options available to enhance your food manufacturing, including Powder Entrainment, Braising Bar and Emulsifiers

Winner of ‘Most Innovative Processing Solution’ at The Gulfood Manufacturing Industry Excellence Awards



  • Fast Cooking Times – Production times of sauces, dairy products, soups and ready meals greatly reduced.
  • Energy Reduction – Approximately 52% when compared with traditional methods.
  • Improved Product Quality & Particulate Integrity
  • Reduced Processing Stages
  • Reduction in Ingredient Quantities
  • Small Footprint
  • Reduced Cleaning
‘We purchased our first Jet Cook System for the production of meat and particulate sauces for Ready Meals.  We then ordered another two systems within six months.’  
Robert Graham – General Factory Manager – Greencore, UK 

Jet Cook™

Single Pass Heating & Mixing


Multiple Aperture Discharge System (MADS)

High Shear Emulsifier

High Shear Emulsifier

Jet Entrain

Powder Entrainment

Braising Bar

Braising Bar

Jet Process

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Jet Cook™  is the cutting-edge patented technology developed by DCN, which is taking the global food industry by storm. Watch our Jet Cook™ Specialist Stuart Rigby discuss this at Gulfood Manufacturing

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