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The Jet Cook ™ operates by collapsing steam into the product at high velocity through a specially designed nozzle. As the steam collapses it pulls the product (liquid) through, creating a re-circulating effect (partial vacuum) in the re-circulating pipe.  99.5% of the steam is utilised and then collapsed into the product ensuring huge energy savings.

Low and high volume powders can now be entrained directly into the low pressure dispersion zone via the entrainment hopper, giving a large effective surface area with very short residence times. The powder and liquids are now simultaneously mixed, heated, pumped and hydrated in a controlled manner.

The low pressure and highly effective surface area in the zone facilitate flashing of volatile compounds. The entrainment of herbs and spices enhances extraction of flavour and aroma compounds, due to the speed of delivery to the low pressure zone before ‘wetting out’.

Speed of heating facilitates rapid inactivation of detrimental enzymes (e.g. oxidases and lipases from fresh fruits, vegetables and meats) capable of causing off flavours, odours and discoloration.

Winner of ‘Most Innovative Processing Solution’ at The Gulfood Manufacturing Industry Excellence Awards 2019



Fast cooking times – Due to the efficient heating and mixing capabilities of Jet Cook™, we typically see production times of sauces, dairy products, soups and ready meals reduced by 50% or more.

Nutritional benefits – We typically see a reduction in ingredients such as modified starch (10%), herbs and spices (10%), flavourings (10%), milk and cream (13%), cheese (8%), gums (8%), salt (10%), stock powders (10%) and garnish ingredients (10%).

Reduced costs – Energy reduction of between 35% – 40% compared to traditional cooking methods. 99.5% of the steam is utilised and then collapsed into the product, making Jet Cook™ extremely efficient.

Jet Cook™

Single Pass Heating & Mixing


Multiple Aperture Discharge System (MADS)

High Shear Emulsifier

High Shear Emulsifier

Jet Entrain

Powder Entrainment

Braising Bar

Braising Bar

Jet Process

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Jet Cook™  is the cutting-edge patented technology developed by DCN, which is taking the global food industry by storm. Watch our Jet Cook™ Specialist Stuart Rigby discuss this at Gulfood Manufacturing

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