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Jet Cook™ Technology

Revolutionise your Food & Beverage Production with DCN's patented Jet Cook Technology - recent winner of Most Innovative Processing Solution Award at Saudi Food Manufacturing.

The patented Jet Cook technology utilises high-performance steam technology to provide rapid, versatile, and efficient solutions for processing liquid food, beverages, and wet pet food, transforming your manufacturing operations.


Jet Cook represents a ground-breaking fluid processing solution capable of:

  • Homogenising
  • Emulsifying
  • Entraining
  • Pumping
  • Heating
Jet Cook can be utilised for a wide variety of applications including:
  • Wet Pet Food Manufacturing
  • Soup & Sauce Manufacturing
  • Pie Filling Manufacturing
  • Oat Milk Processing
  • Condensed Milk Processing
  • Beverage Processing

Transform your food and beverage production with DC Norris’ Jet Cook technology, the pinnacle of sustainable, energy-efficient cooking solutions, and high-performance steam technology.

  • Energy-Efficient Cooking Solutions: Jet Cook delivers significant reductions in energy consumption, making it a sustainable choice for modern food production.
  • Rapid Processing: The system substantially cuts down processing times, increasing overall productivity.
  • Enhanced Quality: Maintains uncompromised quality and flavour, ensuring your products meet the highest standards.
  • Reduced Cleaning Demands: Minimises clean-in-place requirements, reducing downtime and operational costs





DCN Jet Cook can be utilised either in-tank as part of a DCN Kettle System or in-line for continuous single-pass or recirculation heating. The system offers a wide range of options to enhance your food manufacturing process, including:

  • Powder Entrainment
  • Braising Bar
  • Emulsifiers
  • MADS (Multi-Aperture Drainage System)

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The jet cook and braising bar demonstrated fantastic particulate integrity, and a fresher more home cooked finished product

Ronnie Miles, Managing Director

Bells Food Group Ltd

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