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Our Commitment to Safety and Ethics: Proudly Accredited with Alcumus Safe Contractor Certification

October 16, 2023

Author: Emma Hodgson, Marketing Executive

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the prestigious Alcumus Safe Contractor Certification. This accreditation is a testament to our commitment to safety, stability, and ethics in our business operations.

The Alcumus Safe Contractor Certification is recognised worldwide as a symbol of excellence in health and safety management. It is awarded to organisations that consistently meet and exceed stringent safety and ethical standards, ensuring that they are trustworthy partners in their respective industries.

Achieving this certification is no small feat and underscores our dedication to creating a safe and secure environment for our employees, clients, and partners. It serves as proof that we have implemented robust health and safety practices and ethical business processes that align with industry best practices.

As part of the certification process, DC Norris underwent a thorough assessment of our health and safety policies, procedures, and performance history. This evaluation confirmed our commitment to maintaining a safe working environment and conducting our business ethically. Our successful accreditation reflects our proactive approach to risk management and our dedication to upholding the highest ethical standards.

The Alcumus Safe Contractor Certification demonstrates to our clients and partners that they can have complete confidence in our ability to deliver projects with the utmost attention to safety and ethics. It also reaffirms our commitment to maintaining the highest industry standards, which sets us apart as a reliable and responsible choice in the Food Manufacturing sector.

With this certification in hand, DCN looks forward to continuing to provide our clients with exceptional service, while also ensuring the safety, stability, and ethical integrity of our business operations. We remain committed to upholding these values in everything we do, and we thank our clients and partners for their trust and support.

For more information about our Alcumus Safe Contractor Certification and our commitment to safety and ethics, please visit our website at https://lp.safecontractor.com/   



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