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DCN kicks off 2021 with a World Cup Special

January 18, 2021

Author: Emma Hodgson, Marketing Executive

Last week, we were delighted to receive an order from a large food service company in the State of Qatar, for systems to provide food for the FIFA 2022 World Cup.

A wide range of internationals foods will be produced on our systems, including Middle Eastern, Asian and European for approximately one million people a day throughout the tournament, providing food for the stadiums, VIP lounges and concessions.  The orders consists of six Ready-2- Cook Kettles – three with Jet Cook Technology, Tumble Chillers, Sous Vide Cook Tanks, Pump Fill Stations and Bratt Pans.

Important factors for our customer included the capability to produce high quality food, and also the ability to clean the system easily.  This can prove expensive due to the high cost of water in Qatar, and Jet Cook’s ability to produce a huge range of products without burn-on was a significant benefit to their operational costs.   The Recipe Manager Software will help control the entire system and provides the guarantee of repeatable product quality as well as traceability for food safety.

Prior to placing this large order, our customer visited one of DC Norris’ existing facilities in Dubai where Jet Cook, Sous Vide, Tumble Chiller and other DCN equipment were demonstrated in full production. This proved invaluable research, as they were able to spend time with the plant manager discussing the installation and the equipment’s performance.

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