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Powder Entrainment

The new high speed Jet Entrain Powder Induction system can entrain 600kg of powders in approximately two minutes.

The patented hopper and injector nozzle creates ultimate vacuum to disperse powders into liquid without any agglomerations or fisheyes.   These may appear when powders such as milk powder, whey powder and hydrocolloids are added directly into the liquid. Our design ensures there are no blockages in the powder hopper which can occur if there is wetting of the powders.

The action of the steam collapsing into the liquid phase provides a controllable homogenising effect, and powders can be fully entrained into the liquid phase in a rapid and controlled manner without the need for additional mixing.

Due to the simultaneous heating and mixing effect with the Jet Nozzle, we achieve superior hydration of starches, gums as well as even distribution throughout the liquid.

This process is ideal for high powder content products, such as condensed milk, fortified milk drinks, maheu, bushera & dairy and non-dairy drink pre-mixes.

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