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Cook Quench Chill Adapt

DCN’s ground-breaking Cook Quench Chill Adapt Series

October 17, 2023

Author: Annabel Norris, Marketing Manager

This innovative system amalgamates advanced high-speed cooking technology with a fresh modular design, setting new benchmarks in food manufacturing.

Modular Flexibility for Enhanced Performance

 The modular construction of the Cook Quench Chill system offers an array of advantages to food manufacturers. It provides unmatched flexibility, enabling installation over high care/low-risk barriers or as a singular unit that can be expanded at any point to accommodate increased capacity and throughput. The streamlined installation process is facilitated by the seamless attachment of modules, followed by the connection to essential services.

Rapid, High-Quality Processing

Products ranging from pasta and rice to pulses and vegetables undergo continuous, expedited cooking or blanching thanks to the integration of two patented Jet Heat direct steam heat systems. Product integrity is unequivocally maintained through the utilisation of The Variable Wave Agitation System, ensuring damage-free processing while effectively preventing product clumping.

Optimising Water Usage

The “Cook Quench Chill Adapt” system is meticulously designed to maximise water conservation. Smaller tank capacities and customisable water levels cater to various batch sizes, minimising waste. The inclusion of a Starch Removal System allows for the re-use of the same water in subsequent batches. Internal heat exchangers play a pivotal role in sustaining water efficiency by consistently regulating the Quench and Chill water temperature as it circulates through robust stainless steel heat exchangers. As part of the comprehensive Clean-in-Place regime, these heat exchangers are maintained and cleaned, with the added convenience of available back-flushing.

Elevate your food manufacturing process with the DCN “Cook Quench Chill Adapt” Series, where technical innovation seamlessly merges with efficiency, delivering unrivalled product quality and sustainability in food production.


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