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FIFA World Cup DCN Jet Cook™ Training

August 3, 2022

Author: Annabel Norris, Marketing Manager

DC Norris industrial food processing equipment will produce 100,000 meals per day during the FIFA World Cup in December, and we recently spent a week in Qatar training the chefs and staff on a large variety of recipes from a multitude of different countries.

Additional personnel has been brought in by our customer to cover the volume of meals/food required during the World Cup, not just for the estimated 1.7 million fans, but also the 200,000+ extra support staff.

 The equipment we have installed includes Jet Cook Systems, Capkold Cook Chill, Sous Vide Cook Tanks and Bratt Pans. The product and process advanced training includes European, Arabic and Asian meals for the VIP suites.  The recipes were cooked using a combination of Jet Cook, and Braising Bar and then pumped into Cook Chill bags with our Pump Fill Station, before being rapidly cooled in the Tumble Chiller.

Food produced using this Capkold Cook Chill system retains the taste, texture, colour and aroma of freshly prepared ingredients, yet may have been produced in large volumes up to 45 days in advance.  This enables our customer to build up a stock of quality food for use at a later date.

Recipes Included Fasolia (400kgs) – 60 minutes and Bechamel Sauce – 25 minutes (approx.)  These products when cooked using traditional methods such as bratt pans / catering style equipment would have taken between 90-120 minutes.

Broccoli Soup

We also produced broccoli soup which maintained a beautiful green colour as the product has not been exposed to direct jacket heating which will darken the colour and start denaturing the vitamins over the long cooking/heating time. The end product flavour was fresh and clean tasting.

Caramelised onion for use in tartlets, quiche and sandwiches

DC Norris’ 300ltr Ready-2-Cook system with braising bar cooked 200kgs of caramelised onion in 55 minutes with no manual intervention.  This allowed the chefs to work on other products whilst the Ready-2-Cook system produced the caramelised onion mix.  Traditionally this product is cooked in a bratt pan with manual agitation/mixing and 60kgs takes approximately 100 minutes.

Egg Burji – Indian breakfast dish

DCN’s Jet Cook System produced 350kgs in 28 mins with a single operator, and zero burn-on contamination.  If using the traditional Bratt Pan method you can’t cook larger quantities as the egg will burn on the sides of the pan.

Bolognese Sauce – 400kg / meat content 50%

The finished product had good visible meat pieces and distribution, and a great base flavour.  The total processing time was just 35 minutes.

Following our week of product training the cooks and engineers are fully capable of successfully producing these recipes themselves moving forward. The feedback from the chefs was that they found the DCN systems to be much simpler to operate and it is a much less physical process.  TheDC Norris Team finished product quality was also excellent.

This facility has a huge capacity capability as well as flexibility to produce a multitude of dishes for the World Cup and in the future.


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