Case Study Jet Cook: Thai Food & Soup - DC Norris

Case Study Jet Cook: Thai Food & Soup

September 8, 2023

Author: Emma Hodgson, Marketing Executive

Enhancing Culinary Excellence with DCN Jet Cook & Braising Bar

Client Overview:  Our valued customer is a prominent player in the food production industry. DCN’s dedicated Jet Cook product and process team visited for a two day product and process immersion at their site in Poland.

Objective:  To optimise their culinary processes using the DCN Jet Cook system and our innovative Braising Bar. This article delves into the transformative journey of elevating soup and Thai food quality through innovative technology and culinary expertise.

Challenge:  Our client faced the challenge of enhancing the flavour profile and efficiency of their soup and Thai food production processes. They sought to elevate the taste and texture experience of their offerings, whilst improving production speed and resource utilisation.

Solution – Jet Cook and Braising Bar Integration:  Our team implemented a comprehensive solution integrating the Jet Cook system and the revolutionary Braising Bar. The key components included:
  1. Braising Bar Application:  The Braising Bar played a pivotal role in the process.  It enabled the searing and sweating of onions and vegetables before cooking, significantly enhancing the flavour profile of the soup base.  This step was a departure from conventional boiling methods.
  2. Flavour Chemistry Unleashed:  We explored the science behind flavour chemistry.  We focused on vegetables with their rich aromatic molecules nestled within watery cells.  When subjected to the controlled heat and agitation of the Braising Bar, the cells ruptured releasing aromatic compounds.  The resulting flavour compounds merged to create entirely new and enticing taste experiences.
  3. Thai Cuisine Mastery:  Our experts emphasised the significance of unlocking flavours at the outset of Thai cuisine preparation.  Cooking spices and onions in the early stages was highlighted as crucial. This foundational step paved the way for the vibrant and captivating flavours and crunchy textures that characterise Thai dishes.
  4. Jet Cook Technology:  After flavour extraction, our Jet Cook Technology took the reins. The rapid cooking and heating maintained ingredient integrity and texture, a marked improvement over traditional steam jacket cooking methods.

The time required to heat 900 kgs of liquid to 92°C was reduced from 45 minutes to 15 minutes, resulting in significant energy savings.

Results – Culinary Excellence Unleashed:

This illustrates how the collaboration between DCN’s Jet Cook product and process team and the customer in Poland resulted in a transformative culinary journey.  By harnessing the potential of Jet Cook and the Braising Bar, our client achieved enhanced flavour, efficiency, and culinary excellence.  If you’re seeking similar culinary enhancements through cutting-edge technology, we invite you to explore the possibilities with us.

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